Basic tips for learning to combine colors

It is not only when we need to combine colorful pieces, such as brightly colored pants that have become a trend in the fashion world. There is always that doubt about which color to use and how to use it. You can see that few people take a risk in a look with strong and contrasting colors. Most prefer to stay in the basic and simple so as not to make mistakes. Matching colors is not as difficult as it looks!

So, we set up a basic and simple guide to learning how to combine colors in your day to day and still give that up that your production needs, check it out!

The Republished Color Blocking

If you are looking for colorful and lively looks, this trend was certainly designed for your style. Color blocking consists of creating compositions using blocks of smooth and vibrant colors.

To know how to choose the pieces, it is important to pay attention to the details when combining the clothes and accessories. You can choose a blouse and pants, for example, each piece in one of the colors that make up the pair. Thus it is impossible to err in the coordination of colors!

Another type of possible combination is analogous colors. Choose two of the colors for the clothes and the third can be left for a purse.

For those who do not want to draw much attention, it is possible to choose shades of the same color – the famous tone on tone. By coordinating the tones, you can create very interesting effects in more discreet productions.

Now that we have shown you the types of color combinations, we will show you how to combine them and you will have no further doubts after reading this text!

Female Guide to match colors!

For women it may seem like a real challenge to already include a third piece in the look, now imagine combining colors? It may even seem impossible to have two or more colors in a look, but it really isn’t. For them, it is enough to know the chromatic circle and to know which colors favor them. Then, only invest in that piece that they love and that is timeless that the look stays accurate and without errors during any season of the year!

Now that we are approaching the colder season, imagine the following look: a  dress in a military green tone, with a  nude female jacket  (a little lighter) and to give a fashion and accurate touch in the production: a  female animal print sneaker. A production that can be used both day and night for a more stripped-down event. Another suggestion is to wear lighter jeans, a  feminine blouse with a  blue tie-dye print and sneakers or some other footwear in the same color. They are suggestions for looks that can be used with one, two, or even three colors when inserting a differentiated female accessory in each one. It is impossible not to want to invest in this type of look, is it not?

Now that you know how to use this feminine color block, how and when would you use this type of look? Now, we will give tips to our male audience.

Male Guide to match colors!

Many men prefer not to take any chances when combining colors and usually end up opting for the common colors which are black or brown. Therefore, we will show that it is possible to invest in other colors so that your look does not fall into sameness.

For men who want to start venturing into this style, leaving the famous black and white, choose shades like beige, wine, and mustard.

With the right pieces for each season, the combinations range from jeans with a   colorful t-shirt or jeans with a  printed blouse. In this case,  men’s accessories can also give a different look to the look.

The models can also be used for different moments: from a day at work more information to an outing with friends and a nightclub.

Now that you know how to combine colors for both women and men, tell me: do you use colored pieces often? Or do you like to opt for the basics?