Today we will tell you how to change your username on Reddit Officially, Reddit is an Internet service platform known as the Forum Community. What we don’t all know is that this is one of the most visited pages right now.

If you are a registered user and are no longer happy with your username, wondering how to change your username on Reddit? Here are some answers in the text below, so keep reading.

Username on Reddit

When you create a Reddit account, you can choose any username you want. But there is information about usernames on Reddit. Once created and approved, it cannot be changed later. What makes Reddit different from other platforms you have an account with us that you don’t have a profile. You have a username and are shown to all other users.

Therefore, when discussing serious issues, he may be seen as a teenager or an adult who does not take your username seriously. To avoid this, you can consider choosing a username that is unrelated to popular trends when signing up on this page.

Screen name

Reddit has a display name that you created when signing up for the page. Display names are not as important as usernames. Usernames are always displayed when you post something, so other users will always see it next to the content you post.

The display name is not under the lighthouse as a username, so if you have a funny and popular name, you should consider setting your display name as the username. Besides, the display name can be changed, you just need to follow the steps below to change it.

How to Change the Display Name

You need to go to the Settings menu in the lower-left corner of your screen. Find and click the option to customize your profile. you will now open a new page. There you will see the option to change your display name. Do this when deciding which display name to set as new and make sure to save the changes.

Reset Username

Even though you can’t change your username on Reddit, you can reset it if you forget it. Go to your inbox and see the letter Reddit sent you to verify your account when you signed up. Open the link that was sent to you and find it.

Now click on the link again, it will bring you to the box with the username you chose during registration. However, if you don’t like the username you chose before, you can create a new account and set the appropriate name this time.

Create a new account

You do not need to delete an existing account to create a new account. All you have to do is open the Reddit website, then click the Save button in the top right corner of the screen. A new window will open asking you to enter your email address.

You will now proceed to the username and password settings. This time, be sure to choose the one you want and set a password.

The last option is to select the box to confirm that you are not a robot. Click Next, then select the Subscribe button from the list in front of you. Continue by pressing the Save button.

Now you will receive an email from Reddit which contains the click link so that you can verify your new account. You will now have a new account with the correct username you just chose.