In addition to the mule and pouch being controversial items, chunky sneakers are also! Your more robust sole requires more care in producing your look so that there are no mistakes. The fashionistas on duty have already joined the shoe in their daily productions without much effort and if you still have doubts about how this shoe can make you look more elegant and also cool, we will help you for sure!

Initially, the Balenciaga brand launched the first reinterpretation of the famous chunky sneakers and from there many brands began to enter this new trend. Tennis was quite successful in the winter,  but it still promises to last for many seasons. So, we have listed some tips to help you combine these shoes, check it out!

How to use it on a daily basis?

Nowadays some brands have already reinterpreted this model of footwear, it is even possible to combine it with a work look.

It is important to remember that this model of sneakers breaks the femininity of the look so a good option is to combine with pieces that have puffed sleeves, a strong trend. In addition, there are other options that can bring the femininity of the look back, check below!

Chunky Shoes with Dress

The dress is a timeless piece and the long models with floral prints are a great option to match the chunky. Of course, there are other possible combinations, such as, for example, wearing a black tube dress and white chunky sneakers worked in detail on the laces to make a difference. We separated some looks with a dress for you to be inspired, check out:

Chunky Shoes with Jeans

One of the classic combinations that everyone loves and can’t live without! If you are a beginner, it is worth using wider jeans to give evidence of comfort and of course the chunky feet to complete the production.

For the ballad, you can bet on destroyed jeans (that model full of tears!) And a body in lace and a more modern chunky, for sure it will be an absolute success.

To work, a pair of jeans folded at the hem and a dress shirt with a more casual chunky is an excellent bet to combine comfort and elegance in the look.