GameStop’s stock market shares have already caused Hollywood studios to start developing their own series and movies.

Although it is often said that reality surpasses fiction, the truth is that it is almost always fiction that is inspired by reality and, as happened in its day with the films of The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short, Reddit’s stock market mess with GameStop shares has also inspired several audiovisual projects.

And we say several because there are already more than one announced. Specifically, there are five projects that have been announced this week and that have already started their production process to be able to premiere, we suppose, as soon as possible. These are all projects based on the GameStop stock market mess.

An MGM film:

Based on the book that Ben Mezrich has yet to write in which he will develop everything that happened with the actions of GameStop. Mezrich is the author of the book Billionaires by Accident: The Birth of Facebook. A story of sex, talent, money, and betrayal, which would later become David Fincher’s film, The Social Network.

An HBO film

Produced by Andrew Ross Sorkin (creator of Billions) and Jason Blum of Blumhouse. The film will ” explore how the growing populism of social networks has managed to put Wall Street in check at its own game by turning the world of the stock market itself .”

A film for Netflix

Of which for the moment we only know that the streaming service has hired the screenwriter of En Tierra hostile to be in charge of the script and Noah Centineo (To all the boys I fell in love with) to star in it.

A full-length documentary film

Developed by the director of Console Wars, which has already obtained full funding thanks to AMC Entertainment and has already started its production process.

A television series

That will be titled To the Moon and will focus on the big bosses of the Reddit group. That caused the massive purchase of shares as well as other small shareholders present in the group of the social network that joined to increase the GameStop share price.