On multiple occasions, the web pages we are visiting want to keep us informed about their news. They intend to send us notifications through Chrome. This can become somewhat annoying, and that is why today, we will see how we can deactivate them.

Suppose there is a website that we follow assiduously. In that case, we can activate the notifications in Chrome to notify us of new news that they publish. Thus we do not miss everything that said page is hanging. 

When we have granted this permission on multiple occasions, it can be highly annoying that we have many notifications in a row from different websites. If you have reached this situation, you should not worry since there is a reasonably straightforward way to manage and deactivate all these attention calls that the Google browser shows us.

Chrome is not only used on our Windows computer, so we will see the different platforms on which the significant G browser also works and thus handle all the notifications that we have acted in the best of ways.

Disable web notifications on your computer or mobile

  • Notifications on the computer
  • Notifications on Android
  • Notifications on iOS

Notifications on the computer

To be able to deactivate all the reminders that the different websites in which we have been giving permission on the computer with the Windows operating system, we only have to follow these steps :

  • We open Google Chrome on the computer.
  • Now we press the three vertical points that we will see in the upper right corner.
  • At that moment is when we have to enter Settings.
  • In the new window that appears, we must look for the Privacy and Security section.
  • Among all the options we have, such as Delete browsing data, Cookies, or Security, we will click where it says Site Configuration.

If we look at all the sections of this screen, we will observe how within Permissions, we have an option that says Notifications, where we must enter.

  • If we want to disable all notifications in Chrome, we have to uncheck the option Sites can ask you if you want them to send you messages.
  • We also have different sections, such as Block. This is where we can add those web pages that we do not want to send us any notification and see those that are already blocked.
  • In Allow, we have all those sites to which we have granted permissions to notify and add all those that we want by simply clicking on Add.

Notifications on Android

If we use Chrome on the mobile, it may be that we also have to suffer this problem of web notifications, so it is convenient to know how to solve it. For that, we only have to do the following:

  • We open the browser in our terminal and then click on the three vertical points in the upper right part of the screen.
  • Now what we must do is click on Settings so that another window opens.
  • At this time, we look for the Advanced Settings section and enter Website Settings.
  • Then, within all the possibilities presented to us, we will have to click on Notifications, which will allow us to access the section where we will manage all these reminders.
  • Now that we are in the specific menu, the Show Notifications option in the menu must not be activated to deactivate all notifications. That is, the button must not be blue. From this moment, Chrome will not ask again if we want to receive these reminders or not.
  • In this same window, we will also see a list of those web pages that have been blocked or allowed. Thanks to this, the management of all these sites and their reminders will be much easier to manage in the way that we like the most, adding all those we need, both not to allow them the action of notifying and to allow them to it.

Notifications on iOS

Before telling you how to do it, we must explain that the system to suppress notifications in iOS is not the same as what we have seen in both Windows and Android. 

That is, in the iPhone operating system, what we are going to do is block the Google Chrome pop-up windows, which means that not only those that notify us from websites will be cut, but all will be suppressed. . To achieve this, we must do the following:

  • We go to our iPhone or iPad and run the Google Chrome application.
  • Now we must click on the three buttons at the top and then enter Settings.
  • In the tab we are in, we must click on Content Settings and then Block pop-ups
  • At that time, we must activate the option to block pop-ups not to receive any notification from Google Chrome.

As you have read, it is straightforward to stop receiving the notifications that certain web pages send us. That, at any given moment, is incredibly annoying since we can join several simultaneously. The good news is that, from now on, this will no longer be a problem for you.