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Sony will try to increase production of PS5 in 2021


Jim Ryan says that Sony is trying to increase production of PlayStation 5 materials as much as possible to meet all the demand and end the shortage of the console.

The stock of consoles that Sony had at the launch of PlayStation 5, in November 2020, has not been enough to satisfy all the demand. Despite the fact that the console is sold by leaps and bounds, it is practically sold out in any store, and production has been depleted due to problems derived from the pandemic and the shortage of semiconductors and other parts.

Sony is aware of the problem and will do whatever it can to remedy the situation. In an interview on the Japanese outlet Nikkei, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said there were several reasons why PS5 is hard to find.

” The supply under the new conditions of the coronavirus is complicated, and we have had to limit online distribution. The supply and demand of semiconductors are very tight around the world. We are asking our suppliers to allow us to increase production, which will enter into the market this year. ”

Will they end the PS5 and Xbox Series X out of stock issue this year?

In that same interview, Ryan addressed another of the issues that most concerns Japanese gamers, the apparent abandonment of Japan by Sony. Ryan assures that the stock of PS5 in Japan is similar to that of PS4 in the same period, and affirms that they want to reinforce their collaboration with Japanese developers, releasing content for PS5 to the taste of the Japanese public and reinforcing the exclusivities of the console.

It is enough to consult the sales data in Japan each week to see that the vast majority of the Japanese public has turned their back on Sony and its games, and Nintendo Switch sweeps the competition  (the exclusivity of Monster Hunter Rise has a lot to do with it).