Home Technology The new WhatsApp function favors the privacy of your photos and videos

The new WhatsApp function favors the privacy of your photos and videos


WhatsApp is working on a new function that has the purpose of offering you greater control over the photos and videos that you send to other people, favoring the privacy of the contents. We tell you what exactly it is and how it works.


The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform keeps introducing new features. Telegram and other applications have intensified in recent times, especially after the entry into force of the new WhatsApp privacy policy, which has made many users jump to other apps. For this reason, the arrival of new features that hook users has become more important than ever.

Content with an expiration date and messages that self-destruct is one of the fronts that WhatsApp has been focusing on lately. First came the temporary messages deleted after 7 days from the moment they were sent, a function implemented in the stable version last November.

But this was only the first step. Messages that self-destruct after 24 hours are also underway, and videos and photos with an expiration date are also expected to arrive soon.

And it is that, although a priori it may seem to us that the function of temporary messages that disappear after a time does not have much importance, in reality, it is a very useful feature.

Through WhatsApp, we send photos of important documents and sensitive photos and videos that can compromise our privacy. For this reason, having a function that deletes this content after a while helps you protect your privacy.

From WABetaInfo, the portal specialized in offering news about the messaging platform, they anticipate that WhatsApp continues to work on the function of photos and videos that self-destruct.

As you can see a little higher in the tweet, it is a feature that allows you to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once. In this way, once the content has been reproduced, it is not shown again, preventing the recipient from taking unwanted captures after making the first viewing. This does not prevent first-play snapshots from being taken, but it does help protect privacy.

At the moment this new WhatsApp function is in the testing phase, so you cannot use it yet. From WABetaInfo they explain that it will reach the standard version in a future update.