Home Technology This technology can fully charge your mobile phone in just five minutes

This technology can fully charge your mobile phone in just five minutes


They discover a technology that could charge all of our mobile phones practically instantly.


A few weeks ago Xiaomi presented its new fast battery charging system called 200W HyperCharge that is capable of fully charging a 4000 mAh battery in just eight minutes, however, it is limited to very specific models of its devices.

Now researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technology for lithium-ion batteries capable of fully charging one of these batteries in just five minutes.

According to Independent, it is a low-cost system and has been reached by discovering how to maximize the charge cycles of the batteries so that they charge much faster without generating overheating. ” We found that there are different speed limits for lithium-ion batteries, depending on whether they are being charged or discharged, ” says Ashkay Rao, one of the principal investigators at Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory.

“ When charging, the speed depends on how fast the lithium ions can pass through the active material particles. When discharging, the speed depends on how fast the ions are inserted into the edges. If we can control these two mechanisms, it would allow the lithium-ion batteries to charge much faster, ”adds Ashkay Rao.

” This laboratory technique that we have developed offers a huge change in the speed of technology so that we can keep up with the rapid internal workings of a battery, ” adds his partner Christoph Schnedermann .

Perhaps every user’s dream is to be able to charge their mobile phone in just a few minutes, with practically no waiting time, something that could come in future technologies in which a lot of progress is being made.