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WhatsApp will let you migrate your conversations to other mobiles


There are different functions that WhatsApp seems to be working on and one that does not stop ringing is the migration of chats between devices.

It is said that WhatsApp does not stop updating and it is more than true. The Facebook application announces news every month when it does not update its terms and the network is filled with controversy. A function that has been around for a long time is the migration of conversations between devices and it seems that progress is being made in this regard.


When we talk about migrating chats, we mean copying them in their entirety and sending them to other phone numbers, not using the same account on different computers, as can happen between your mobile and the application you have on your computer. This is something that all users may not like but that would have certain advantages to not lose history.

Is it legal for a private conversation that you have been having for years to send to another phone? Do you want that possibility to exist? Will you have the option to block a similar move? The questions that may arise in this regard are many, but at the moment we only have some advances that have been shown in WABetaInfo.

Although not yet fully functional, chat migration is already in test mode for some mobiles in the latest beta version of the application, as shown in WABetaInfo. Messages can be moved to another phone number.

So much so that there is an image on the button that enables this action, so it is already in an advanced state of development.

As you can see, you will not be able to migrate the chat history as is, just start the process itself by linking a new Android device to the WhatsApp account. This will include the multimedia files that are on the mobile, which will be a good way not to lose all the information in the event of a problem.

As usual, it is not known when the new function will be implemented, for now, it is only in test mode. In case of success, at some point, it will appear as a novelty with a new update of the application. What is clear is that new functions are always being worked on for WhatsApp.