In August of last year, after a series of rumors, Apple and Epic Games ‘quarreled’, which caused Fortnite, one of the most popular games of recent times, to disappear from the iPhone.

The reason was the in-game purchases and how they were produced, something that we already told you in their day, but in any way, in the end, this fight affected the usual ones, the iOS users who were left without the game.

Epic said they were going to fight back and that the Cupertino men could prepare themselves because a long trial was going to start and yes, they kept the promise. In the end, these disputes between companies have something morbid, but this time there is much more.

And it is that, as a result of the research and the tests that the companies are contributing, we are learning different details of the industry such as that Epic has to pay Sony for the Japanese to allow cross-play in Fortnite on PlayStation (something that any developer who wants to crossplay on a Sony platform) or the intention of the Xbox boss to expand Game Pass.

Game Pass is one of the best subscriptions that you can have at the moment in this video game since it allows you to play dozens of games every month with a catalog that rotates without having to pay an extra amount for each title.

In addition, if you have Game Pass Ultimate, you can also access the service on PC and the Xbox game in the cloud. And precisely that, is what Phil Spencer wants to bring to other consoles.

Since the xCloud service started, or Game Pass in the cloud, since it is integrated at the moment, there has been a lot of talk about its possible appearance on Sony consoles or Nintendo Switch. The reason is that Microsoft is being very open with its franchises launching them day one on PC and, also, offering Switch games like Ori or Cuphead.

Therefore, considering that Game Pass in the cloud is “only” a platform, it could offer it on PS4, PS5, and Switch so that all users have access to the service. In the end, the winners would be the users, of course, since they would not need an Xbox to play those games, but also Microsoft, since they would have monthly subscriptions that they might not otherwise get.

Either way, the mails that are being made public are very interesting and, in addition, we can see in The Verge that Epic was one of the companies that put the most pressure on Microsoft to allow F2P to play without needing to have Xbox Live Gold, something that, in fact, materialized a few days ago.

We will see what this trial brings us, but of course, it is being much more interesting than many of us thought.