YouTube Monetizer for WordPress. Easily display related YouTube video thumbnails in your sidebar, and monetize the full-size videos with AdSense, Aweber opt-in forms, or any other advertising method. All videos include syndicated comments from – and everything is 100% automated.

Plus, you can easily customize the style to match your blog and increase your click-through rates. Perfect for any type of blog, but especially useful for niche blogs that depend on AdSense or ad revenue.

We developed this tool almost a year ago and used it exclusively on our AdSense niche blogs, which worked very well in terms of increase visitor participation and improving click-through rates.

Now we’re releasing it as a free WordPress plugin so you can have some fun with it too!

Since your videos will be highly related to your blog’s content, you’re actually doing your visitors a great service – it’s a win-win situation.

So how does it work?

The Full Video Page with Monetization

When someone clicks on the YouTube video thumbnail, they will see a full page display of the video, complete with the video title and syndicated comments.

You can easily put your own Adsense codes right above or below the video (or both) to get incredible click-through rates and make more money. It’s a win-win situation – your readers see related videos (based on keywords you enter) and you make more money with very little effort.

Of course, you’re not just limited to AdSense. You can even display banner ads, Aweber opt-in forms, or FeedBurner subscription boxes.

However, you cannot edit the comments as they are not actually posted to your site. They are automatically syndicated from YouTube in real-time. You can, however, choose to turn off comment syndication.

YouTube Monetizer Widget and Settings Page

The main thumbnails are displayed using WordPress widgets, on as many sidebars as you want. You can specify the following values:

  • Widget Title – The title of the section as it will appear on your blog, for example, “Related Videos”
  • Keywords – Enter at least one keyword here. If you enter more than one keyword, separate each using a comma
  • Max Results – How many thumbnails do you want to display?
  • Max Characters – Some videos may have extremely long titles, so you can specify the maximum characters for the title to keep things looking pretty
  • Order By – Choose to sort your videos by relevance, popularity, etc.

On the settings page you’ll find under Tools > YouTube Monetizer, you can enter the BEFORE and AFTER codes and customize the full page display CSS.


This plugin is no longer supported, as we’ve grown jaded and annoyed with the WordPress plugin submission system.